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6/19/2017, 23:09

Hello all!

Just a heads up, I recently added a product page to the site so if you want any cool Goodbye, Perdu memorabilia its there! Have an awesome week!

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6/24/2017, 10:40

I like the creepy dog design!

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6/25/2017, 1:01

Hiya! Been reading through this so I feel the least I can do is to offer sum honest feedback.

++ Loved the horror themed stuff, especially dat eye back at the train! The dogs were both creepy and cute and that's hard to archieve so, kudos!
+ Art is generally good but a bit inconsistent yet, ranges from mildly poor to fairly pleasant to look at, I'm curious how this'll look 50 pages into.
+ Liked the main char, sexy yet not blatantly sexualized. She didn't come up as overly dramatic to me, in fact, she was pretty level headed the whole time, considering the circumstances XD

- Text bubbles do need improvements, this is actually the biggest flaw I saw and almost made me give up twice: the text is very unnorganized and the size of the font is sometimes too small to be readable.
-+ Onomatopeias were also a bit inconsistant. I literally didn't realize the guy had been shot until I advanced the page. A gunshot must always be obvious. However the other ones in those panels and before were fairly good.
- Not into the "queer" part of this, categorizing chars like that from the very beginning can be seen as cheap, it's better to introduce their sexuality/gender identification in a more natural way (if needed at all). This is just my personal opinion of course.

All in all I'll keep an eye on this, the plot premise was interesting enough. So, good luck with it!

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6/25/2017, 9:19

Hey cool thanks for the critique, if you noticed from menagerie the text has been something I've been informed of and am currently working on it. As for the art it's definetly the case in 1-9 and even after a bit but also something I feel I'm getting a better hang of. Thank you though I do appreciate your opinions on this!

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